Hyalite Tour
December 30, 2023

a free, casual, and family-friendly Nordic ski event


WHEN:  anytime between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday, December 30. (Note: this is a new date!)

WHERE: start and finish at the Pavilion at the Hyalite Reservoir

WHO: all ages/abilities

WHAT: You choose your own course and distance to ski. We'll have maps and suggestions. Go at your own pace. When you finish, come to the pavilion for a warming fire, hot cocoa and soup.


This much-loved community event attracts skiers of all ages and abilities. Come explore the ski trails and celebrate the new year.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We need a few volunteers to help out. You'll still have time to ski and hang out!

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Hyalite's cross country ski trails are classic, rustic Montana skiing at its finest. With over 30km of groomed trails and many more miles of ungroomed routes, we challenge you to try new spots and explore Hyalite.

Dog owners: please be sure to pick up after your four-legged friends!

Download MAP of groomed trailsFriends of Hyalite Winter recreation map


How well do you know Hyalite?

When do trails get groomed?
The U.S. Forest Service takes the lead on grooming on the main Hyalite trails, and Bridger Ski Foundation helps out and takes the lead on Sourdough/Bozeman Creek and Moser Divide. BSF & USFS will work together to groom the trails for the Hyalite Tour.

Trail Memberships?
The Bridger Ski Foundation has a voluntary trail membership program, which is the primary way grooming is funded. If you can, get a membership to support the trails (it includes several perks). But access to the trails is open to all, regardless of their membership status.

Grooming reports for Hyalite and other trails are at

What's the road into Hyalite like?
Longtime Bozemanites remember a time when the road into Hyalite was not plowed in the winter. (Bit of a rodeo, you might call it.) Since 2008, the road has seen plowing, and Friends of Hyalite is the nonprofit that makes that happen. They share about 50% of the road costs with the Forest Service and the County. In short, if the community doesn't support Friends of Hyalite, they don't have the funds for plowing and the road gets gated. Donate now.

Plowing is performed by the county, and Friends of Hyalite posts updates on plowing to their social media. The canyon road still often sees deep snow and ice. Travel with caution and be prepared for full winter conditions.

Is Hyalite busy?
It can be. We encourage skiers to spread out and explore all the trails--not just the crowded parking lots. This well-loved recreation area also needs a little TLC from local visitors.

1. Practice leave-no-trace. Pack out all your trash.
2. No pallet fires! (Read why here.)
3. Protect this wild space, the wildlife, and its resources, which includes drinking water for the city of Bozeman.
4. Give each other space and keep it friendly!


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