RMISA Championship & IMD Junior Tune-up

February 23-25, 2024

Bozeman, MT
Welcome to the Intermountain Division (IMD) Junior Tune-Up & Rocky Mountain Interscholastic Skiing Association (RMISA) Championships  
hosted by
the Bridger Ski Foundation and Montana State University
at Crosscut Mountain Sports Center, Bozeman, Montana

Friday, February 23
Juniors Classic and Sit Ski Sprint races
Saturday, February 24
Distance freestyle and Sit Ski races
Sunday, February 25
Distance and relay classic races

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February 19, 2024: Registration deadline (5pm, MST)

February 21: Late registration closed (5 pm, MST)

THURSDAY, February 22

1 pm- 5 pm: Courses open for inspection

6 pm Virtual Captains Meeting for IMD Sprint Race (see link under TCM tab of web page)

FRIDAY, february 23

7:30 am Bib Pickup available; Courses open for coaches and athletes

8:30 am Sit Ski Sprint Qualifier

9:00 am Classic Sprint Qualifier, 1.5 K, 15s interval start

  • 9:00 U16/18/20 Men
  • 9:18 U16/18/20 Women
  • 9:35 U12/14 Men then Women, 1.5k, 15s interval start

10:50 am Sit Ski Semifinal 1

10:55 am Sit Ski Semifinal 2

11:05 am U14/12 Men B Final (7-12 qualifiers)

11:10 am U14/12 Women B Final (7-12 qualifiers)

11:15 am U14/12 Men A Final (1-6 qualifiers)

11:20 am U14/12 Women A Final (1-6 qualifiers)

11:25 am Sit Ski Final 

U18/20 Heats

12:00 pm Men’s Q1

12:05 pm Men’s Q2

12:10 pm Men’s Q3

12:15 pm Men’s Q4

12:20 pm Men’s Q5

12:30 pm Women’s Q1

12:35 pm Women’s Q2

12:40 pm Women’s Q3

12:45 pm Women’s Q4

12:50 pm Women’s Q5

1:00 pm Men’s Semi 1

1:05 pm Men’s Semi 2

1:10 pm Women’s Semi 1

1:15 pm Women’s Semi 2

1:25 pm Men’s B Final

1:30 pm Women’s B Final

1:35 pm Men’s A Final

1:40 pm Women’s A Final

U16 Heats

1:50 pm Men’s Q1

1:55 pm Men’s Q2

2:00 pm Men’s Q3

2:05 pm Men’s Q4

2:10 pm Men’s Q5

2:20 pm Women’s Q1

2:25 pm Women’s Q2

2:30 pm Women’s Q3

2:35 pm Women’s Q4

2:45 pm Men’s Semi 1

2:50 pm Men’s Semi 2

2:55 pm Women’s Semi 1

3:00 pm Women’s Semi 2

3:10 pm Men’s B Final

3:15 pm Women’s B Final

3:20 pm Men’s A Final

3:25 pm Women’s A Final

**Sitski & U12/U14 awards at 11:40 am

**U18/20 awards at 2:00 pm

**U16 awards at 3:40 pm

6:00 pm Virtual Team Captains Meeting for Saturday and Sunday Races (see link under TCM tab)

SATURDAY, febuary 24

8:00 am Bib Pickup available & courses open for coaches and athletes

9:00 am Sit Ski 5k

9:30 am U8/10 Mass Start 1k race

9:45 am U12 Mass Start 2.5k race

10:00 am U14 Individual Start 3.75k race

11:00 am FIS Individual Start Women’s Freestyle Race, 7.5 k, 30-second interval start                                                            U16/18/20/Seniors

**Sit Ski awards at 10:00

**All Women’s standing awards at 12:30 pm

12:30 pm FIS Individual Start Men’s Freestyle Race, 7.5 k, 30-second interval start U16/18/20/Seniors

**All Men’s awards at 2:00 pm (Including Men's V1/Standing)

SUNDAY, February 25

7:30 am Bib Pickup available; Courses open for coaches and athletes

9:30 am RMISA Men’s 20k Classic Mass Start; 4 x 5k course

10:45 am RMISA Women’s 20k Classic Mass Start; 4 x 5k course

12:15 pm IMD U18/20 Mixed Classic Relays; 4 x 3.3k

12:15 pm IMD U16 Mixed Classic Relays; 4 x 3.3k

12:15 pm IMD U14 Mixed Classic Relays; 4 x 3.3k

*For relays: 2:2 gender mix. Racers can be in any order. All who want to race will have an opportunity; however, only teams of four members of the 2:2 gender, from one age class, will be eligible for awards.

**Awards will be presented 30 minutes after the completion of each event



Registration Deadline: Monday, February 19, 2024 at 5:00 pm MST

Late Registration: Additional $10 per racer per day will be added to any entries received after Wednesday, February 21 at 5:00 pm MST. 

Late Registration Deadline: No entries accepted after Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 5:00 pm MST.

Eligibility:  Registration is open to:

U8/U10 any

U12-U20 athletes with U.S. Ski & Snowboard or FIS license. 

RMISA athletes with U.S. Ski & Snowboard or FIS license. Only RMISA athletes can race Sunday mass start.

Para athletes with U.S. Ski & Snowboard or FIS license.

Changes and late entries: must fill out the athlete change & late entry form

COACH BIBS: Please note, only coaches with current (purple/lilac) USSA bibs will be allowed in controlled areas. If you do not have a current USSA bib, please email to request a substitute bib for the weekend prior to Tuesday, February 20, 5:00 PM. 


Each racer must have a signed BSF Waiver completed. SIGN THE WAIVER

*For athletes under age 18, this waiver must be signed by their parent/guardian.


Register on MyRaceResults HERE.

Muddy Dog Sports will be verifying entry data, please double check the accuracy.


Updated link to ALL start lists & results:

Timing by Muddy Dog Sports


Thursday 6:00 pm for Juniors Sprint race

Friday 6:00pm for Saturday and Sunday’s races


Junior Relay Composition Form is due Saturday at 6 pm.




Team Vans & Key Race Officials: will have reserved parking in Crosscut's Lot D.

Spectators & Volunteers: parking is first-come, first-serve in Lot D. Volunteers will direct you. Please park at an angle to create more parking spaces.


1.         Start from downtown Bozeman at the intersection of Main St. and N. Rouse Ave

2.        Drive approximately 16 miles on N. Rouse Ave. (Note:  N. Rouse Ave turns into Bridger Drive which turns in Bridger Canyon Road as you leave Bozeman)

4.        At approximately the 16-mile point, turn left at the large “Bridger Bowl” sign, onto Bridger Bowl Road

5.        Drive approximately 1/4 mile on Bridger Bowl Road and take a right on Wedeln Drive (this is the only road that branches off Bridger Bowl Road)

6.        Having turned right onto Wedeln Drive, drive until you pass under the very large overpass entrance to Crosscut

7.        Drive approximately 1/4 mile to Lot D.

NOTE: On a good day, this drive takes just under 30 minutes.  On a fresh powder day, the drive time can double or even triple if starting around 8:00 am with cars flooding to Bridger Bowl.

rules of competition


Organizing Committee

Andrew Morehouse - Chief of Competition/Race Director

Heidi Makoutz - Assistant Chief of Competition/Race Director

Brian Bothner and Jamie Rizzuto - Chiefs of Volunteers

Jason Nicholas - Chief of Timing

Caleb Lucy - Chief of Course

Chief of Control - Heidi Makoutz

Chief of Security - TBD

Eric Scranton - Chief of Grooming with Mitch or Paul

Steve Patterson - Comp Secretary w/Robyn Egloff

Ryan Krueger - Crosscut Events Manager

DT Thompson - Chief of Parking

Ross Longhini - Chief of Stadium

MuddyDog Timing - Jim Nalick

Maggie Shane - TD (Friday)

Tomas Gedeon TD (Sat & Sun)

Vicki Longhini - TDA


All Junior IMD races will follow the IMD Wax Policy, which can be found here.  

Junior WAX CALL: 

The wax call for all non-FIS races, including the IMD NRL sprint and relays (Friday and Sunday) is Swix HS8.

Saturday Individual Start 7.5k FIS race: there is an open, non-fluorinated wax policy in place for this race.  This includes all RMISA and non-RMISA competitors!

Sunday RMISA Mass Start: Open, non-fluorinated wax policy in place.


We hope you enjoy your time in Bozeman.

Crosscut Mountain Sports Center is approximately 30 min. from downtown Bozeman. (If it's a powder day, please be aware that this is also the road to Bridger Bowl Ski Area and it can be very crowded/slow going on powder days.)

Parking: See the Parking tab above. Spectators will be parking in Crosscut Lot D (you will turn onto Bridger Bowl Road and then take a right on Wedelm)

Skiing in town: If you want to grab a quick ski in downtown Bozeman, BSF grooms over 80 km of Community Nordic Trails in Bozeman, which are free and open to the public. (If you can, please support the grooming with a donation or voluntary day pass.)


Trail Pass/donation

Grooming Report

Skiing at Crosscut (about 30 min from downtown): skiing at Crosscut requires a trail pass ($30 per day for adults). No fee for on-foot spectators. More info HERE.


You make this event a success for our skiers, and we encourage everyone to sign up for multiple slots and/or days. Your Crew Chief will contact you with details regarding your specific volunteer slot(s).

Volunteer signup


The Lark (on Main Street) is a race sponsor and has a discount code available. Book HERE. Promo code: BSFR24