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Skiing & COVID-19: Gaining Perspective
April 2, 2020
Jenny White

As we head into spring and a pandemic that has changed the way we live, it's a good time to take stock. How did the ski season go? How did you do as a parent? Did you enjoy every moment you could watching your kid ski? Did you appreciate their coaches? Did your kids appreciate their coach, their teammates?

John O'Sullivan, author of Changing the Game, wrote a great, honest blog post on the topic of appreciating what really matters: "I already miss watching my kids play."

I hope that the outcome of this pandemic, at least when it comes to sports, is that we all have the chance to hit the reset button and appreciate what really matters. That we take some down time if we have it, and play more catch, kick the ball around, or even try something new. Enjoy the time that has been forced upon us, away from electronics and distractions. Help them improve if that is what they want. Or help them rest if that is what they need. I have been playing soccer in the garage with my kids, and yesterday I took them backcountry skiing for the first time. They gained a new appreciation for chairlifts, and for one of dad’s hobbies. No friends, no other people, just us in nature as a light snow fell in the forest. And as my son said, “I love spending time with you dad,” I had tears in my eyes, hidden beneath my goggles, as I realized how fleeting this all is. - John O'Sullivan, "I Already Miss Watching My Kids Play"